Buy The Dip for $SAND(The Sandbox token)

4 min readMar 1, 2022


In this article, I will be talking about the opportunity to potentially accumulate more $SAND tokens at the current price under $3. I have bought more in recent days. (Sorry, by the time of published the price went to a little above $3)

The recent outlook of cryptocurrency is not looking well, with a high inflation environment and geopolitical instability, investors tend to shy away from riskier investments like technology stocks or cryptocurrency investments.

I started buying $SAND at $2, and believe the $2-$3 range presents a good opportunity to invest in Sandbox for the long term.

Sandbox Alpha 2 Is Here.

Taken from Sandbox website

During the previous Alpha 1, $SAND had a run to $8.40. Well, this does not necessarily mean the price will definitely hit the same high again in Alpha 2. Anything historical does not reflect the future in terms of investments. The rally in price was partly due to Facebook(Meta)’s announcement to go into the metaverse, which brought the metaverse frenzy in late 2021. Now that the frenzy and fever have subsided, short-term investors have taken their money and gone somewhere else.

In Alpha 1, where Sandbox uses the alpha to do testing and gain feedback from players, the game garnered 200k visitors/players. Compared to Roblox’s monthly users of 200 million, Sandbox is a far cry behind. Roblox and Sandbox have similarities in terms of community involvement in game creation, rewarding creators and players with Roblox currency(Robux), and Sandbox rewarding creators and players with $SAND. Robux is only available in Roblox, while $SAND is trading on exchanges.

Sandbox is only in the alpha testing phase and it is in the very early stages. The redeeming point is, Sandbox has proved itself with the launch of Alpha 1, showing the community Sandbox is ready to play in these alphas. The number of games is growing and the list of Sandbox partners keeps expanding. One day, Sandbox might rival Roblox, just maybe. (fingers crossed)

The Marketing Team Is On Point

Taken from Sandbox Twitter page

The Sandbox team is relentless in terms of marketing and outreach to the community. There are frequent live streams on Youtube and Twitch, which serve to present new features and updates, answer questions from players and developers instantly. The viewers are low in the hundreds, but it does not seem to bother the team as they patiently explain the Sandbox plans and engage the audience on a personal level. I see it as a move to build a solid foundation with the community.

The Sandbox Twitter page is always releasing exciting news of new partnerships. Lately, Snoop Dogg released his NFTs avatars on Opensea and Sandbox, which players can use these avatars in the Sandbox game. This means in Alpha 2, you will see plenty of Snoop Dogg’s avatars running around, pretty interesting.

Taken from The Doggies Twitter page

In Sandbox’s social media engagements such as Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, there are also frequent giveaways to keep the community engaged and hyped.

Incentivize Anyone To Create Games Through Competitions

For Sandbox to succeed, the platform must be able to attract players to spend their time in Sandbox, thus the games must be fun. To attract game developers, Sandbox frequently holds game design competitions and funding events to encourage game creators to use get into Sandbox. First place winner can win up to 150,000 $SAND which is around (~ USD 450,000), pretty neat. Sandbox spares no expenses to attract the best talents out there to design games for them.

Growing partners

The list of Sandbox partners just keeps growing. Warner Music Group, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Richie Hawtin, The Smurfs, Care Bears, Atari, ZEPETO, and CryptoKitties. In January 2022, it was reported Sandbox has 165 partners. Am pretty sure it is a higher number by now. Pretty amazing.

Utility And Roadmap

Taken from Sandbox Whitepaper

In the perspective of an investor, a robust tokenomics will give value to the $SAND token. When there are players, the developers are rewarded with $SAND and NFT creators can also sell NFTs they designed which can be used in the game. These transactions create the need for $SAND which gives the token value and utility.

I am a firm believer in utility. Not investing in projects that have fluffed-up roadmaps with nothing to show for. Sandbox has delivered its promises and still forging forward. Sandbox launched the game (in Alpha 1) in November 2021 and quickly launched Alpha 2 in March 2022. A short gap between launches helps to retain the interest of the community and keep the momentum going.

In Sandbox’s roadmap, the target is to have 1000 games made available on consoles in 2022. Given that Alpha 2 has less than 100 games, it looks like a tough target to achieve. In my view, the focus is to grow the number of players on high-quality games, rather than a huge variety of games people do not play.


Sandbox is still in the early stages and I believe the platform can keep growing in terms of players and scale. When that happens, more transactions will happen using $SAND which will drive up the value. I believe that will happen if the Sandbox team can keep delivering.




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